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Everest Base Camp Trekking Distance

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The trek to Everest Base Camp is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While some view it as merely another adventure, most consider finishing this expedition to be a significant accomplishment. 

Whichever group you belong to, you need to comprehend why it takes over ten days to finish the Everest Base Camp trip, the distance traveled, the hours of daily hiking, and the consequent elevation change.

Comprehending these aspects will enable you to establish appropriate expectations for the expedition and provide a seamless trekking experience in general. There are other routes to do the Everest Base Camp trek, but the most popular and regular plan is the 14-day package. 

We’ll break down the overall trek distance to Everest Base Camp (assuming you take the popular trail) as well as alternate trekking routes to reach Everest Base Camp in this article.

Please be aware that the length and difficulty of the Everest Base Camp trip will vary depending on the time of year you choose to complete it. For more information, see our blog on the ideal times to trek to Everest Base Camp. 

Similar to this, our blog on Everest Base Camp trip difficulty offers all the details and advice you need to make the EBC journey less tough.

The total distance of the Everest Base Camp trek

The journey to Everest Base Camp covers 130 kilometers in total (81 miles). This distance is typically covered by trekkers using the conventional Everest Base Camp trekking route, which begins and ends in Lukla. It usually takes 12–14 days to finish the walk, with time for side visits and acclimatization.

You will trek for 12 to 14 days, covering 11 to 15 km on average each day. So, even though 130 km seems like a long way, you shouldn’t be concerned. Trekkers travel 3–4 km/h, therefore covering 15 km in a day is not too difficult. 

It is not necessary for you to go 3–4 km per hour. You can go at your own speed and get up gradually. It is important to note that hikers of all ages, regardless of skill level, can cover the aforementioned distance.

Additionally, walking with a firm like ours will free up your time because our porters will handle the heavy bags. All you’ll have with you is a daypack filled with necessities. This will enable you to concentrate on your stroll and really enjoy the journey.

Everest Base Camp trekking duration

You will hike to Everest Base Camp for five to seven hours a day on average. If you take the usual path to the base camp of Mount Everest, you will need at least two days to acclimatize and stay at least 11 days on the mountain.

It takes eight days to go to Everest Base Camp from Lukla. You will visit Dingboche and Namche Bazaar on your two days of acclimatization. Likewise, you will get back in Lukla after three days of walking. One of the longest days is when you trek via Gorak Shep from Lobuche to Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp trek elevation

Beginning with a brief flight from Kathmandu (1,400 m/4,593 ft) to Lukla (2,860 m/9,383 ft), the conventional Everest Base Camp trek begins. The journey commences in Lukla. Since there is a significant elevation shift from Kathmandu to Lukla in just 35 minutes, you will arrive to Phakding (2,610 m/8,563 ft) the same day and spend the night there. 

Just 200 meters or so separate Phakding from Lukla. This will facilitate acclimation. Likewise, you will climb 2,504 meters (8,215 feet) from Lukla to Everest Base Camp (5,364 m/17,598 ft). You can prevent altitude sickness and acclimate to the altitude by using the two days of acclimatization that are scheduled in between the hike.

At 5,545 meters (18,192 feet), Kala Patthar is the highest point on the Everest Base Camp journey. You will be over 5,500 meters (18,044 feet), therefore you won’t stay here overnight or for an extended period of time. Instead, hike up to Kala Patthar to witness a breathtaking sunrise. After that, descend to Gorak Shep (5,164 m/16,942 ft) to start the hike back to Lukla. 

In total, you will climb 2,685 meters (8,809 feet) from Lukla, where the Everest Base Camp trek begins, to Kala Patthar, the journey’s highest point.

Different Everest Base Camp trek route variations and distances

We provide a variety of Everest Base Camp trek packages, and we can also tailor the route to the specific needs of our visitors. We have listed the most well-known EBC trek packages here, along with their schedules, daily walking distances, lengths, and elevations.

Everest Base Camp trek 14 days

The 14-day trip to Everest Base Camp begins and ends in Lukla. It is one of the most well-known hiking routes to Everest Base Camp. The identical itinerary can also be combined with a day of touring and preparation in Kathmandu to create a 16-day Everest Base Camp trek package.

Day 1 : Arrival in Kathmandu transfer to hotel (1350m)
Day 2 : Fly to Lukla and trek to Phakding (2,610m) Duration: 4-5 hours.
Day 3 : Trek from Phakding to Namche Bazaar (3,445m) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 4 : Acclimatization at Namche Bazaar (3,445m) Hike to Everest View hotel Duration: 3-4 hours.
Day 5 : Namche Bazaar to Tengboche (3,860m) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 6 : Trek to Dingboche (4,360m) Duration: 4-5 hours.
Day 7 : Acclimatization at Dingboche (4,360m) Hike to chhukung Duration: 4-5 hours.
Day 8 : Trek to Lobuche (4,930m) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 9 : Trek to Gorakshep (5160m) & to Everest Base Camp (5360m) – return to Gorakshep. Duration: 7-8 hours.
Day 10 : Trek to Kalapathar (5,550m) & return to Pheriche (4,280m) Duration: 7-8 hours.
Day 11 : Trek to Namche Bazaar (3,500m) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 12 : Trek back to Lukla (2,860m) Duration: 6-7 hours.
Day 13 : Fly from Lukla to Kathmandu Duration: 30 minutes flight.
Day 14 : Departure home from Kathmandu Airport.

Everest Base Camp trek 12 days

Arrival and departure to/from Kathmandu are not included in our 12-day Everest Base Camp trek package. Other than that, the 14-day EBC trek plan is followed by this package.

Day 1 : Fly from Kathmandu to Lukla (2,850m/9,350 ft) & trek to Phakding ( 2650 m/8562 ft ) Duration: 5 hours.
Day 2 : Trek from Phakding to Namche Bazaar (3,440m/11,285 ft) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 3 : Exploration & acclimatization day at Namche.
Day 4 : Trek from Namche Bazaar to Tengboche (3,855m/12,850ft) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 5 : Trek from Tengboche to Dingboche (4,360m/14,290ft) Duration: 4-5 hours.
Day 6 : Acclimatization day at Dingboche.
Day 7 : Trek from Dingboche to Lobuche (4,930m/16,175 ft) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 8 : Trek from Lobuche to Everest Base Camp and back (5,364m/17,598ft) to Gorak shep (5,185m/17,010 ft) Duration: 6-8 hours.
Day 9 : Climb to Kala Patthar(5,555m/18,208ft) and trek to Gorak Shep to Pheriche (4,250m/13,945ft) 5 hours
Day 10 : Trek from Pheriche (4,250m/13,945ft) to Namche Bazaar (3,440m/11,285 ft) Duration: 6-7 hours.
Day 11 : Trek from Namche Bazaar to Lukla (2,850m/9,350 ft) Duration: 6-7 hours.
Day 12 : Fly back to Kathmandu (1,350m) Duration: 30 minutes flight.

Which is the best and easiest way to hike the Everest Base Camp trek?

In the event that we could only choose one Everest Base Camp trek package, our 14-day EBC trek would be it. This program gives you plenty of time to explore nature and plenty of acclimatization days. Similarly, our second-best plan is the EBC trek helicopter return, which saves you three days by avoiding the walking back from Kala Patthar to Lukla.

If money is not a concern for you, you may hike to Everest Base Camp in relative comfort while still experiencing some adventure. For those people who want to experience the Everest Base Camp trek but do not want to spend a lot of time trekking, we have created special 5 to 7-day trek packages that include helicopter flights in the schedule.