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We at have given our readers and guest posters limited access, mentioning that they can only use our in the best yet ethical manner. Any violation of our terms and conditions will indeed lead to the contract being completely broken. 

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We are a group of writers working in our domain, prioritizing the information and quality for our readers and the guest posters. Thus, any case of mistake or error in our content may be a result of human behavior. Therefore, if there are any issues, feel free to reach out to us. Any behavior targeting violating our terms and conditions will definitely lead your content to disapproval. The harassment or the slang wording behavior may also create many problems for you. We at have the right to consider it a crime and has a lawful right to take any action against you. 

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There might be many concerns by our readers that write for us guest posters or others believing that the content at is their own. Thus, it is clarified that the content and all the works posted at are solely the property of, and only enterepurshiptime has the right to it. The published works include articles, logos, pictures, graphics, and everything the website contains. 

This is to inform you that apart from, no one has any right to it. And in case of the usage of our content without permission will be considered as copyright, and we have the right to take action on it. 


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The action will be taken, if  it get proved out to be your original work, you can contact us at our given address.However, any sort of defamatory act will not be necessary. 


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