Today: May 17, 2024

Privacy Policy

The primary aim of curating this page is to inform our goals about specific privacy discrete regarding the information at The following policy is maintained and developed under the authorities of Entrepreneurship Times for the particular regulatory website of 

Before we proceed, it is important to target that never shares your email and will always keep your data protected against all unless there are a few cases we have marked below. 

The Major Ruling At 

We know and understand that continuously finding anonymous emails or official emails from us would be annoying; hence, we respect readers’ privacy and consider it our prime rule not to send any mail marketing to our readers’ emails.

The data we collect are only collected when we are in a challenging business and need to survey our readers, or else we will not let our readers annoyed.

It is, however, essential to keep in note that by further using our website,, and by reading this policy further on means that you are complying officially with our privacy policies and agree to all these policies. 

Privacy And Data Collection

Our information and data collection policies at are quite strict, and we always monitor hard. It is to inform our readers that we only collect our user’s information with their permission, and we will always ask them if we ever want to collect the data. 

The Data Collection And Log Data

You may ask for the data collection we at get through our website’s users’ and readers’ usage. This is to make a clear remark that the data we obtain through logging you and your click is nothing, just a few basic, and this is completely out of the hands of the authorities of We never did it intentionally; instead, it is the method of the internet. 

While the data we get from the log is the basics like the IP address, the number of times you click and visit, the time range of your stay, and the browser time, 

This is just a few basics that don’t include anything personal. However, in case of collecting data or information of our users, we at have the rightful power to use a third-party app like Google Analytics or else to collect data. At the same time, the type of collection is only made after the consent approval of the readers. 

Cookies Policy

The cookies are something or the smaller data unit that assists the website and the internet access to minor unknown data. Thus, by accepting cookies at, you will give access to your most minor data, ads, and the connection of third-party apps on your usage. 

Law Cases

While we at never use your data anywhere and will use it at a cause where there will be a law disclosure or the sudden need to prove ourselves. In that case, the has the right to use your data. 

Importance Of Security And Use 

We at understand the need for security and optical, thus considering the concerns and keeping the data safe. We have made various security protocols aiming to keep a monitoring check and balance on the data. 

The Usage Policy For Children

We knew that our website,, might at some point have few topics that are appropriate for the children; hence, we ensure that children above 12 can only sign up on our website. 

The Right Of All Authorities

It also mentions at that it has the right to change these policies anytime. However, if we ever change anything, we update our users.