Today: Jul 21, 2024

SOC as a Service: Understanding the Offering

4 weeks ago

Our world is more vulnerable to digital threats than ever before. But what if you had a team of cyber professionals watching over your business 24/7? 

Good News! 

SOC as a Service is your answer.

SOC as a Service – What Is It?

SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) is an outside firm that practices providing protection against cyber-attacks for its customers, which is unlike using an in-house SOC. It is essentially an outsourced security observatory or monitoring function for your business.

Features of SOC as a Service

This service solution includes monitoring and detection of threats, ongoing management, and immediate response if a threat is detected. 

It keeps your business secure so you can focus on growing your business. It also keeps you compliant with security regulations.

Benefits of SOC as a Service

Why choose SOC as a Service? The benefits are compelling. 

  • Affordability: Setting up a quality in-house SOC is simply out of reach for most businesses. SOCaaS leverages existing technology and expertise, passing the savings on to you.
  • Specialization: Cybersecurity is an intricate science. SOCaaS providers have experts on staff who know everything there is to know. This allows your company to have nearly the same level of security without having to pay in-house experts.
  • Flexibility: No two companies are exactly the same. As your company grows or experiences other changes, SOCaaS can adapt to your evolving needs.

Comparing SOCaaS to In-House SOC

Now, let’s compare SOCaaS to in-house SOC solutions. 

Having an in-house SOC comes with its perks, such as the ability to customize and hyper-focus on your specific situation. 

However, the drawbacks to creating an in-house SOC far outweigh this benefit. In-house SOCs are expensive to build and maintain, requiring consistent funding, updates, training, and more.

SOCaaS is a more versatile option, effortlessly catering to a variety of businesses in terms of size and industry. It also alleviates the pressure on business owners to invest in current technology, train cybersecurity analysts, or even worry about the latest cybersecurity trends. Your SOCaaS provider covers it all.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, SOC as a Service is a cost-effective way for businesses to get digital protection. It protects from threats, detects issues before they happen, and responds immediately when an event does occur. It gives your company the power to take on digital threats head-first.

With SOCaaS you will save money, get the top talent to work with you, and increase effort to secure your platform from wherever it is at. Is your business a new startup or is it a small business? 

Either way, SOCaaS has got your back and will secure those digital assets!