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Sports Valley Block Payment Plan | Location | Blue World City

Sports Valley
1 month ago

This exceptional housing community has an amusing addition of a block called Blue World City Islamabad Sports Valley Block. Additionally, investors will promise to have the highest quality of lifestyle via the home project. Blue World City Sports Valley will appeal to investors enthusiastic about sports and other leisure activities due to the block’s inclusion of first-rate recreational amenities. The developers are building this residential effort with the help of Chinese experts and developers. The low entry points make it seem like a no-brainer for buyers of all shades. 

Most importantly, prospective renters may benefit from an opportunity to invest over time with the payment plan. Lastly, go reading to learn more about this newly released block. In the BWC Sports Valley Block, all investors have access to various rights and rewards. An additional appealing investment component is the Sports Valley block values. In addition to the lowest pricing, they will also have the option to pay in easy installments. Lastly, read on for further Blue World City News.

BWC Sports Valley Location

The prime location of  Sports Valley is the main attraction for investors. Furthermore, the developers are striving to ensure that it is a practical investment option for the residents of the twin cities. The most important thing is that this housing complex is quite accessible, particularly for this block. The Rawalpindi Ring Road is just a few km from this block. Also,  the CPEC Route, the M2-Motorway, and the New International Airport in the twin cities are all close to it. Lastly, these sites increase their attractiveness to investors.

Sports Valley Master Plan

The addition of the Sports Valley Block will enrich the lives of investors by combining luxury and modernity. In addition, there are additional residences on the same street that might meet the requirements of the investors for a spot to reside. Deciding on the appropriate plot sizes is crucial for designing the perfect house. In addition, the developers are striving to provide various options to cater to the preferences and desires of future renters. Finally, the possible property sizes are as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

BWC Sports Valley Payment Plan

The Sports Valley block has several residential homes. Further, the details of the Blue World City Payment Plan for the Sports Valley are in this blog. These plots are very suitable for residential use, and all the amenities and services of the neighborhood are accessible, regardless of the size of the properties. In addition to these residential complexes, the sports valley will have top-tier tourist sites. Once built, The Sports Valley will be home to Pakistan’s most expansive cricket stadium. Let us analyze the payment plan for the Sports Valley block in Blue World City to alleviate your concerns about the pricing of the plots in this area.

  • 5 Marla plot prices in Sports Valley start from Rs 2,000,000/-. 
  • 8 Marla plot prices in Sports Valley start from Rs 3,080,000/-. 
  • 10 Marla plot prices in Sports Valley start from Rs 3,750,000/-.
  • 1 Kanal plot prices in Sports Valley start from Rs 7,000,000/-.

Sports Valley Features

Below are certain aspects and elements that can aid investors in establishing sustainable and lucrative ventures inside the community.

Biggest Cricket Stadium

The developers of this housing project want to build Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium. Moreover, the nation’s citizens can use this distinctive characteristic. Furthermore, each potential inhabitant will have a pleasurable and luxurious living experience. Cricket is a prevalent sport throughout the whole country. Consequently, this investment yields exceptional living standards.

Replica of Villagio Mall

The Villaggio Mall is an exceptional addition to the area. Moreover, the developers shine in their excellent infrastructure. This mall will exemplify the provision of high-quality infrastructure to all residents. Ultimately, the mall will provide a range of investment opportunities to facilitate the residents’ ability to lead an abundant way of life.

Hotel Torch

In addition, the builders are constructing a magnificent torch hotel to augment the grandeur of this newly developed area of BWC Islamabad. Moreover, their utmost focus is on offering every prospective inhabitant an exceptional quality of life and a wealthy residential experience. Likewise, the excellent infrastructure consistently attracts investors to make valuable long-term investments.

Replica of Blue Mosque

The most attractive feature is the replica of the Blue Mosque, situated next to the building. Moreover, the mosque is vital to every Muslim community. Consequently, a replica of the Blue Mosque will be constructed in the neighborhood to enhance serenity, be comparable to the Waterfront Block, and support the residents in fulfilling their religious aspirations.

Commercial Hub

Investors in the Sports Valley Block might get advantages from their investment in the neighborhood. Furthermore, the block offers all investors affordable commercial investment choices. In addition, the retail sector demonstrates that developers consistently endeavor to provide optimal living circumstances for all individuals. Primarily, the developers will offer the buyers a variety of site dimensions with a focus on maintaining affordability. Constructing this block is, hence, a prudent real estate investment.

Outdoor Gym

The area has a gym to enhance the quality of life for all residents who invest in it. Moreover, prospective residents may achieve their fitness goals by energetically joining the community. Furthermore, it ensures that every investor maintains a state of well-being and dedicates meaningful time to their family and close ones.


The latest addition to Blue World City Islamabad is the  Sports Valley Block. In addition, they consistently strive to astonish and captivate customers with their green residential investment techniques. Furthermore, the geographical position and range of facilities in the neighborhood will augment the life objectives of any prospective resident. Sports Valley is the most favorable choice for establishing a long-lasting investment prospect in Blue World City. If you want further information on comparable investment prospects, contact our team of experienced real estate experts.