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Why Durability Is So Important Within The Design Of Loading Bay Solutions

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4 weeks ago

If you work in transport, logistics or warehousing, you’ll know that the loading bay is often the busiest part of a warehouse or distribution facility. Getting goods in and out quickly and efficiently as well as safely demands equipment that can stand up to heavy use, day in day out. This is why the durability of your loading bay solutions is so important. It can make a difference between a warehouse or distribution centre that operates efficiently and safely at all times, and one that constantly suffers shutdowns or pauses in workflow due to equipment breaking down.

Constant demand on unloading bays

The durability of your loading bay cannot be understated. This is because there are various forces that are in play within the loading area of a warehouse or distribution centre.

  • Heavy loads- Your loading bay equipment needs to be robust to deal with heavy loads such as dock levellers, forklift trucks and pallet trucks as well as the cargo you’re moving in and out of your facility.
  • Repetitive movements – From constantly opening and closing overhead doors, to extending and retracting your dock levellers, the loading bay is subject to many repetitive cycles of movement. Failing to have a robust design means you will often suffer breakdowns, which can have a significant impact on your productivity and bottom line.
  • Environmental concerns – The weather in the UK is changeable, and loading bays are often exposed to weather conditions such as extreme temperatures, rain, snow and hail. Corrosion resistant finishes are essential for long durability.
  • Impact – As much as you can put safety protocols in place, accidental collisions can happen. A durable design reduces the risk of having to replace equipment often, by reducing the risk of damage.

Durability = real world benefits 

Investing in durable equipment not only benefits the productivity of your warehouse or distribution centre, it offers other  benefits as well. Some advantages of purchasing more durable equipment can include: 

  • Less downtime – Downtime in a loading bay can disrupt an entire supply chain. If you have durable equipment that is less likely to fail often, this can ensure the seamless operation of your facility.
  • Less maintenance –  Durable solutions will require less frequent repairs. This means you will have lower maintenance costs, and you can direct these resources towards all the business operations.
  • Extended lifespan – Simply put, a durable loading bay solution will last for longer compared to those which are not constructed with the best materials.
  • Safety – Durable loading bay equipment will be less likely to cause accidents which could injure your warehouse staff.

What is durable loading bay equipment?

The cornerstone of durable design is using robust materials that have been well engineered to provide a solution that will stand up to all of the heavy loads we have mentioned. Not only this, but durable equipment also has good safety features, to protect those working in such a busy facility.

What do I need?

Ensuring you procure the right equipment for your facility may require professional help. Look for a supplier that can assess your premises and ask questions about your operations to find the right solutions for your needs. If you often deal with heavy cargo, and put a lot of strain on your loading bay, you’ll need specialised solutions that are up to the task. Speaking to a company that has a good reputation, and a good array of products is vital in ensuring you get the right equipment for your needs; that is, durable loading bay equipment that can help save you time and money.