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King Javien Conde: Facts About Erica Mena’s Oldest Child

King Javien Conde
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Erica Mena, a well-known television personality, actress, and former model, has been a familiar face in the entertainment industry for years. Her vibrant personality and dramatic storylines have made her a staple on shows like “Love & Hip Hop.” Beyond the limelight, Erica is also a dedicated mother. Her oldest son, King Javien Conde, holds a special place in her heart and life. This article delves into the intriguing details about King Javien Conde, exploring his life, his relationship with his mother, and how he navigates growing up in the public eye.

King Javien Conde Profile Bio

Full NameKing Javien Conde
Date of BirthMarch 1, 2007
Age17 years old (as of 2024)
MotherErica Mena
InterestsBasketball, Sports
Academic FocusPrioritizes education
Public AppearancesAccompanies mother to events
Social Media PresenceCurated by Erica Mena
Relationship with MotherVery strong and supportive
Known ForBeing Erica Mena’s oldest son
Media AttentionCarefully managed by Erica Mena
Future AspirationsExploring different possibilities
Family RoleEldest child
ResidenceLives with Erica Mena
EthnicityMixed (Puerto Rican and Dominican)

Early Life of King Javien Conde

King Javien Conde was born on March 1, 2007, making him a teenager as of 2024. His birth marked a significant chapter in Erica Mena’s life, bringing a new level of responsibility and joy. Erica was relatively young when she gave birth to King, which meant she had to balance her burgeoning career with the demands of motherhood. Despite the challenges, Erica has always emphasized the importance of her son in her life, often sharing snippets of their life on social media.

His mother’s rising fame marked King’s early years. As Erica’s career took off, King often accompanied her to various events and even appeared in some of her television moments. This exposure to the entertainment world from a young age shaped King in many ways, providing him with unique experiences that most children do not have.

Growing Up in the Public Eye

Being the child of a celebrity comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. For King Javien Conde, growing up in the public eye has meant dealing with the scrutiny and attention that comes with his mother’s fame. Erica Mena has been open about the difficulties of raising a child in such circumstances, ensuring that King maintains normalcy despite the spotlight.

His mother carefully curates King’s presence on social media. Erica often shares moments of pride and joy, such as King’s academic achievements and personal milestones, but she is also cautious about maintaining his privacy. This balance is crucial in allowing King to enjoy a relatively normal childhood while embracing his life’s unique aspects.

Relationship with Erica Mena

The bond between King Javien Conde and Erica Mena is undeniably strong. Erica has frequently expressed her deep love and admiration for her son, often referring to him as her greatest motivation and source of strength. Their relationship is characterized by open communication and mutual respect, with Erica striving to provide King a nurturing and supportive environment.

Erica’s journey as a single mother has been both challenging and rewarding. She has been candid about her struggles, including the difficulty of balancing her career with her responsibilities as a mother. Despite these challenges, Erica has created a stable and loving home for King, ensuring he feels supported and valued.

Educational Pursuits and Interests

King Javien Conde is not just the son of a famous mother but also a bright and ambitious young individual. Erica Mena has often highlighted King’s academic achievements, expressing pride in his dedication to his studies. Education is a priority in their household, with Erica emphasizing the importance of knowledge and learning.

Beyond academics, King has a variety of interests and hobbies. He is particularly passionate about sports, with a keen interest in basketball. Erica frequently shares moments from King’s games and practices, showcasing his talent and enthusiasm for the sport. This involvement in extracurricular activities is essential for King’s development, allowing him to learn teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

Navigating Adolescence

Adolescence is a critical period in any young person’s life; for King Javien Conde, it is no different. As he navigates the challenges of teenage years, King benefits from the strong support system provided by his mother. Erica Mena has proactively guided King through this stage, addressing peer pressure, identity, and self-esteem.

One key aspect of Erica’s approach to parenting during King’s adolescence is fostering open dialogue. She encourages King to express his thoughts and feelings, ensuring he feels heard and understood. This approach has been instrumental in helping King build confidence and develop a strong sense of self.

The Influence of Celebrity Lifestyle

While Erica Mena’s celebrity status brings certain privileges, it also comes with its pressures. King Javien Conde is inevitably influenced by the glamorous lifestyle associated with his mother’s career. From attending high-profile events to interacting with other celebrities, King has had unique experiences shaping his life perspective.

However, Erica is mindful of the potential pitfalls of this lifestyle. She works hard to instill values of humility, hard work, and integrity in King. By providing him with a grounded upbringing, Erica aims to ensure that King remains focused and does not get carried away by the superficial aspects of fame.

Future Aspirations

As King Javien Conde grows, his future aspirations become an important focus. Erica Mena has shared that King is already considering his career and future goals. While he is still young and exploring different possibilities, his interests in academics and sports suggest a promising path.

Erica supports King’s ambitions, encouraging him to pursue his passions and dreams. Whether King decides to follow in his mother’s footsteps in the entertainment industry or carve out his unique path, he has a solid foundation and a strong support system to guide him.

The Role of Family

Family plays a crucial role in King Javien Conde’s life. Beyond his relationship with Erica, King is also close to other family members who provide additional support and love. This extended family network is vital in ensuring that King has a well-rounded upbringing, surrounded by people who care for him deeply.

Erica often highlights the importance of family in her social media posts, showcasing moments of togetherness and celebration. This emphasis on family values is a cornerstone of King’s upbringing, reinforcing the importance of love, support, and unity.

Public Perception and Media Attention

The media attention surrounding Erica Mena inevitably extends to King Javien Conde. Public perception can be a double-edged sword, offering both opportunities and challenges. While the media often portrays King positively, highlighting his achievements and his relationship with his mother, there is also the risk of negative scrutiny.

Erica Mena is acutely aware of this dynamic and works to shield King from unnecessary negativity. She is selective about the information she shares publicly, ensuring King’s privacy is respected. This careful management of media attention is crucial in allowing King to maintain a sense of normalcy.


King Javien Conde, as the oldest child of Erica Mena, is growing up in a unique environment that blends the glamour of the entertainment industry with the grounding influence of a loving family. His life is a testament to his mother’s dedication and hard work, who strives to provide him with the best possible upbringing. As King navigates the challenges and opportunities of being a celebrity child, he remains a bright and ambitious young individual with a promising future.

Erica Mena’s journey as a mother is marked by her unwavering commitment to her son’s well-being and success. Through open communication, strong support, and careful management of public exposure, Erica ensures that King Javien Conde has the tools and guidance he needs to thrive. As King continues to grow and explore his interests, he is undoubtedly poised to make his mark within the entertainment industry or beyond.