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The Life of Kross Ermias Asghedom: Inside the World of Nipsey Hussle’s Heir

Kross Ermias Asghedom
3 months ago

Kross Ermias Asghedom may not be a household name just yet, but as the son of the late, great Nipsey Hussle, his life is of significant interest to many. Born into a legacy of music, activism, and community empowerment, Kross carries the weight of his father’s dreams and aspirations. This article delves into the world of Kross Ermias Asghedom, exploring his early life, the impact of his father’s legacy, and the hopes for his future.

Early Life and Family Background

Kross Ermias Asghedom was born on August 31, 2016, to Nipsey Hussle, whose real name was Ermias Joseph Asghedom, and actress Lauren London. His birth brought immense joy to both his parents, who often shared their happiness and hopes for him on social media and in interviews. Kross’s early life was filled with love, not just from his parents but also from the extended family and the community that revered his father.

Nipsey Hussle was more than just a rapper; he was a visionary for his community in South Los Angeles. He focused on entrepreneurship, community development, and activism. Lauren London, known for her roles in films and television series, has also been a positive influence, balancing her career and motherhood. This blend of entertainment and activism from both parents provides a rich, nurturing environment for Kross, embedding in him the values of hard work, community service, and resilience.

The Legacy of Nipsey Hussle

To understand Kross’s potential path, one must consider the monumental legacy left by Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey was a Grammy-nominated artist who used his platform to promote economic independence and invest back into his community. Through his music, business ventures, and public speaking, Nipsey inspired many to strive for better lives and not forget the importance of giving back. His tragic death in March 2019 sent shockwaves around the world, and the outpouring of grief highlighted the impact he had on his community and beyond.

Kross’s father was a man who believed in the power of knowledge and the importance of owning one’s narrative. He invested in STEM centers for kids, opened a co-working space and innovation center in Crenshaw, and owned several businesses, including a clothing store. These endeavors were not just about profit; they were about creating opportunities for his community to learn, grow, and thrive.

The Impact of a Father’s Legacy

The legacy of Nipsey Hussle has undoubtedly shaped the environment in which Kross is growing up. While the loss of his father at such a young age is a profound tragedy, the principles Nipsey stood for continue to live on, not just in his music and businesses, but in the very fabric of his community. Kross is growing up in a world where his father is revered as a hero, a martyr for the cause of social justice and economic empowerment.

Lauren London has spoken about keeping Nipsey’s memory alive for Kross, ensuring that he knows who his father was and what he stood for. This connection to his roots and heritage is crucial in helping Kross understand his identity and the legacy he inherits. It’s a legacy that comes with its pressures but also its privileges—the privilege to make a difference, to inspire change, and to continue the work his father started.

Hopes for the Future

As Kross Ermias Asghedom grows, the world watches with bated breath to see what paths he will choose. Will he follow in his father’s footsteps and use music or activism to make his mark? Or will he carve out his own path, influenced by his father’s legacy but defined by his own passions and interests?

What’s clear is that Kross has a strong support system in his mother, his family, and his father’s community. There’s a collective hope that he will grow up to be a force for good, leveraging his father’s legacy to propel him forward but also finding his own voice and place in the world.


Kross Ermias Asghedom represents hope to many—hope that Nipsey Hussle’s dreams of a better community and world will not end but will be carried forward by the next generation. His life is a testament to his father’s impact, a reminder of the potential within each person to effect positive change. As Kross grows under the watchful eyes of his family and community, there’s no doubt that his journey will be one to watch, full of challenges but also full of promise for a bright future.

In the story of Kross Ermias Asghedom, we find not just the tale of a young boy growing up without his father but a broader narrative of legacy, resilience, and hope. It’s a narrative that resonates with many who look to the future, hoping to see the principles they cherish carried on by the next generation. Kross, with the weight of his father’s legacy on his young shoulders, represents a bridge to that future, a living embodiment of the potential for greatness that lies within each person, waiting to be realized.