Today: May 19, 2024

World Of Tanks: Crew Changes In Update 1.24.1

World Of Tanks
2 weeks ago

When World of Tanks first came out a decade ago, one would’ve imagined that the devs would have grown tired by now and that the game would eventually die out. Fast-forward to today, and this veteran title is still getting generation zero update and maintenance.

The most recent update, World of Tanks 1.24.1, is a prime example of continued quality. In this article, we’ll focus on changes to the World of Tanks crew systems in World of Tanks update 1.24.1.

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World Of Tanks Crew Changes

Crew Performance

Previously, WoT used a major qualification level metric to indicate the crew’s performance. This variable has been replaced with “crew efficiency”, which is set to 100% by default.

In case this is about to be your first Tank ride, let me tell you that your WOT crew effectiveness directly depends on how high your crew efficiency value is.

The crew efficiency value depends on the player’s Commander’s bonus, their selected perks and equipment, and whether or not they’ve consumed certain items. Another parameter is the perk efficiency value, which sets the effectiveness of the crew’s perks.

Crew Retraining

Changes have also been made to Training and Retraining World of Tanks crew members. The newer system in World of Tanks allows any vehicle of any class to be commanded by any crew of the same nations. This does not negatively impact the vehicle’s performance.

However, retraining a crew for a vehicle can be done for free, and perk efficiency will decrease to 30%.

This penalty is lowered by 40% or 60% for no role change or role change in a different vehicle, respectively. This penalty is incurred if 20,000 credits have been spent.

Spending 200 gold to retrain incurs no penalties.

Barrack Slots Improvements And Simplified Crew Transfer

As per the World of Tanks patch notes, players can mass-dismiss crews to gain nation-specific WOT crew books and free up barrack slots. This can be done within 90 days of their first login to the newest update.

This is a welcome change, especially for veteran players who have untrained leftover crew members. This option removes crew members who have yet to master their first perk. These crew members’ accumulated experience will be compensated in the form of their home nations’ Training Booklets, Guides, and Manuals.

Lastly, it is now possible to switch a World of Tanks crew directly from one vehicle to another and send a crew over to the barracks even if there are no empty slots available. However, players will not be able to recruit newer WOT crew members. Looking for a quick start?  Check out U7BUY’s on-site coaching and buy WOT boosting online or grab a fully-fledged account ready to go.